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Drinking Kangen Water regularly has shown great results on many diseases like Thyroid, Kidney Disorders, Diabetese, Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Migrane, Heart Problems, Arthritis and Cancer etc.

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Weight Loss

1. As soon as you wake up, drink 400-600 ml of Kangen Water on an empty stomach.

2. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 45mins after drinking Kangen Water.

3. After 45 mins you can eat and drink as per your normal routine.

4. Drink Kangen Water at least 30 mins before taking lunch/dinner and do not eat or drink anything for next 2 hours of taking a meal. 


1. Rinse your face with Strong Kangen Water to remove excess oil.

2. Cleans with non-soap cleanser and rinse with Beauty Water and pat dry.

3. With a cotton bud, dab any active blemishes or broken skin with Strong Acidic Water and leave for 30 sec.

4. Mist heavily with Strong Kangen Water and let it dry.

5. Tone with Beauty Water by spraying all over face. Leave to dry.

6. Repeat morning and before bed.  



1. Drink 1/4 cup of Strong Kangen Water 45 mins before your meal.

2. Immediately followed by pH 9.5 Kangen Water. If you take any additional digestive enzyme- take it with this water.

3. With the first bites of your meal, swallow 2-3 table spoons of Strong Acidic Water.

4. Do not drink anything with your meal. Drink normally after 1 hr of your meal.

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1. Rinse your mouth with strong acidic water, scrape your tongue and rinse again.

2. Brush teeth with Strong Acidic Water with repeatedly dipping your brush in water.

3. Rinse your mouth again with Strong Acidic Water.

4. Floss teeth and rinse one final time with Strong Acidic Water.

5. Use Hydro Floss to flush under the gum line with warm Strong Kangen Water and rinse.

6. Finally rinse with pH 9.5 drinking water.    

This process has shown highly effective results on Pyorrhea and other oral issues.

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1. Use mild organic shampoo and mix with desired amount of warm water.

2. Apply shampoo evenly over entire scalp and saturate hair. Massage scalp and work the shampoo mixture through hair.

3. Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly with Beauty Water.

4. Do not condition your hair unless it is exceptionally dry or course.

Tip- Spray hair lightly with Beauty Water daily even if you do not shampoo to get smooth & shiny hair.  


1. Every morning and night spray nails and surrounding tissues with Strong Kangen Water.

2. If there is fungal infection, you need to soak the nails in warm Strong Kangen Water for 20 mins, 2-4 times a week.

3. After soaking, pat dry, completely air dry and spray with String Acidic Water and air dry.

4. Apply a natural anti-fungal like peppermint or lavender essential oil as a moisturizer.

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